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Freelance model based in Richmond, VA. Frequently traveling. This is my little spot on the internet to show my journey.

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  1. Print Giveaway!

    So I have been wanting to do a video for a print giveaway for a while now! I will be giving away a print and a few other goodies when I hit 4300 followers. You only have to reblog this video though to enter the giveaway!

    When I hit the 4300 goal I will pick someone at complete random! Make sure your message/ask is on, if it isn’t, I will move onto the next winner winner chicken dinner.

    I really hope to hit my goal soon!

    REBLOG the video and follow me please! You’ll get a few extra goodies as well. It’s totally worth it ;]

    p.s- it took me like 5 takes to make this video. I’m so nervous and goofy.

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